Mission Alaska
Eagle Adventure Week
Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance (August 1 – 5)
Art With Vision
Mark Latham Private Guitar Studio
Beginning Guitar: 5th & 6th Grade

Mission Alaska

This summer we have the incredible opportunity to serve in Anchorage, Alaska! We will partner with GRACEWORKS ALASKA, working in neglected Alaska neighborhoods with disadvantaged children and youth. Our team will feed the hungry, hold backyard Bible school in local parks, and host neighborhood park parties.

The Mission Alaska team will be chosen based on applications and interviews. Applications will be available at the Student Center beginning March 1 and interviews will be held beginning April 1.

Starts July 31

Cost: $1,500

Contact: Michael Dale


Eagle Adventure Week

Eagle Adventure Week is where students come for outrageous fun and outdoor adventure. They leave with unforgettable memories and life-changing insights found in the Word of God. Each day includes activities designed to suit all tastes and skill levels. Eagle Adventure Week is held at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, Texas — in the Texas Hill Country at the headwaters of the spring-fed Neuces River.

Boys’ Registration
Girls’ Registration

Starts July 31

Cost: $350

Contact: Paige Loukanis


Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance (August 1 – 5)

Many Financial Peace University students and graduates have said, “If I had only had this information at an earlier age, life could have been so different.” Well, we've offered this course multiple times over the last four years and have put approximately 240 high school and college students through the course, and it has made such an impact that we are offering it four times this year!

Unit One – Saving and Budgeting

Chapter One – Introduction to Personal Finance

  • Section 1: What Is Personal Finance
  • Section 2: Money, the American Way
  • Section 3: You and Money

Chapter Two – Saving

  • Section 1: Saving: An Exercise of Character
  • Section 2: Three Basic Reasons to Save Money
  • Section 3: The Power of Compound Interest

Chapter Three – Budgeting

  • Section 1: Budgeting 101
  • Section 2: The Basics of Banking
  • Section 3: The Importance of Having a Zero-Based Budget

Unit Two – Credit and Debt

Chapter Four – Debt

  • Section 1: Debt: Product, Not Privilege
  • Section 2: Debunking the Credit Myths
  • Section 3: The Credit Score
  • Section 4: Credit Bureaus and Identity Theft

Chapter Five – Life After High School

  • Section 1: Beware and Be Wise
  • Section 2: Start with the End in Mind
  • Section 3: Cash-Flow Your College Education
  • Section 4: Education Options for the 21st Century

Chapter Six – Consumer Awareness

  • Section 1: Buyer Beware
  • Section 2: Buyer’s Remorse
  • Section 3: Opportunity Cost

Unit Three – Financial Planning and Insurance

Chapter Seven –Bargain Shopping

  • Section 1: Bargain Shopping: Part of a Healthy Financial Plan
  • Section 2: The Seven Basic Rules of Negotiating
  • Section 3: Places to Find Great Deals

Chapter Eight – Investing and Retirement

  • Section 1: Investing 101
  • Section 2: Types of Investments
  • Section 3: Employer Benefits and Retirement Plans

Chapter Nine – Insurance

  • Section 1: Protecting Your Wealth
  • Section 2: Basic Types of Coverage
  • Section 3: The Importance of Life Insurance
  • Section 4: Insurance to Avoid

Unit Four – Income, Taxes, and Giving

Chapter 10 – Money and Relationships

  • Section 1: Understanding Your Money Personality
  • Section 2: Marriage and Money
  • Section 3: Communication is Key

Chapter 11 - Careers and Taxes

  • Section 1: Self-Assessment
  • Section 2: Goal Setting
  • Section 3: You Won’t Love the Entry Level
  • Section 4: Best Practices of Successful People
  • Section 5: Income and Taxes

Chapter 12 – Giving

  • Section 1: False Perceptions
  • Section 2: Make an Impact
  • Section 3: Give Your Time and Talents
  • Section 4: Define Your Legacy
Starts August 1

Location: The Hangar

Cost: $85 per person

Contact: Terry Loughridge


Art With Vision

FALL 2016

Work in a variety of media to create original artwork that illustrates Scripture. This is a great way to further spiritual growth in yourself and others. Young adults to seniors may join at any point. Art With Vision is a combination of doing art in community and a Bible study.

Starts September 6

Location: B210(B)

Contact: Stephen Jones


Mark Latham Private Guitar Studio

Fall 2016

Private guitar instruction with Mark Latham for young adults and adults.

Registration is $280.00 for 14 lessons, plus $20.00 for materials for new students. The Academy offers a limited number of instruments for direct sale.

Lessons missed cannot be refunded by the academy. Contact Mr. Latham for details regarding his make-up and cancellation policies.

Starts September 6

Cost: $280 + $20 (materials for new students)

Contact: Stephen Jones


Beginning Guitar: 5th & 6th Grade

FALL 2016

Meets Tuesdays in the Music Suite. Registration is $325.00 per semester plus $25.00 for materials for new students. 3/4-size class guitars provided. Students are encouraged to secure a personal instrument. The Academy offers a limited number of instruments for direct sale.

An offering of the Woodlands Academy of Fine Arts.

Starts September 6

Location: Rehearsal Room B – D130

Cost: $325 + $25 (materials)

Contact: Stephen Jones